About Brett

I have been studying the bass for over 15 years and hold a bachelors and masters of music in bass performance. In addition to my formal education I have studied under teachers from around the world. I have played in large and small ensembles and specialize in orchestral as well as period and contemporary music. I also perform and compose live looping electro-acoustic music which combines the bass with electronic music.

I encourage students to discover how they learn by helping them to think critically about their practice and find the techniques that work for them. I create tailored practice routines using traditional techniques, singing, and the aid of music technology. It has become apparent just how essential technology is to students and to music. I believe technology should be a benefit and not a hindrance to the learning process in music and beyond. For example, by understanding how to properly record themselves, students will gain a deeper understanding of their sound, as well as a deeper understanding of music in general. They will also develop valuable skills that will allow them more flexibility with how they are able to create music and access learning opportunities.

In addition to making music, I also am very passionate about teaching. My specialty is teaching orchestral bass students. I received my B.M. from Western Michigan University and my M.M. from University of Colorado. While in Colorado I played prolifically across the state as Principal Bass of the Fort Collins Symphony, Greeley Symphony Orchestra, and Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra, as well as a section Bassist of the Boulder Philharmonic and the Colorado Ballet Orchestra and a frequent substitute musician of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. I was a Teaching Assistant at University of Colorado for three years, and I have taught at the Denver School of the Arts as a Guest Artist Teacher. The orchestra world is important to me, without it I wouldn't be a musician. As my career has progressed I have learned about many types of music, and my teaching philosophy is to meet the student where they are and help them get to where they want to go. If you are interested in taking lessons, please email me to set up a free online consultation meeting where we can discuss a lesson plan that is right for you.